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Greg McCool

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121 Landmark Drive, Greensboro, NC 27409

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Campground product display, freshwater hoses, sanitation products including tote tanks, sewer hoses and chemicals.


Cassie KeenumCustomer
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Paul was fantastic. Helped us troubleshoot our out of warranty eaz lift hitch and even sent us a free repair kit. They went way above and beyond to support their product.
John TraenkenschuhCustomer
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Quality innovative products at a price you can't ignore.
Melissa Templeton SterlingCustomer
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I recently had purchased a RV sewer hose, a Rhino Flex and there was something wrong in the manufacturing of it and it had a couple of small holes in the hose. I contacted Camco and within 24 hours with only a request for pics of the problem they promptly shipped out a brand new hose to me. They didn’t ask for a receipt or instruct me to jump thru hoops, they simply treated me with respect and shipped out a replacement! Thanks for the great customer service!

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