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CampLife Inc.

Roguer Rosa

877-783-2367 x2230



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PO Box 1951, Mount Juliet, TN 37121

Clever campground software and resourceful coaches let you stop worrying and get back to what you love. Since 2006, we’ve helped parks like yours save time, make money, and get data. Set up a demo today.


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Sarah N.

Santa’s Whispering Pines Campground, Ontario Canada
I like the ease of use with this product and the intuitive nature. Each step flows into the next and, should you need assistance, there are easy to follow video tutorials and their customer support is fantastic. You get to know each of the support people by name and develop a relationship with the CampLife team. I also really like that they are always making updates to expand and streamline the software.

Rebecca C.

Wolf’s Neck Oceanfront Camping, Maine
When the pandemic hit and everything needed to be changed, CampLife was on it, offering features I hadn’t even thought of in order to help us all out. But really, the customer service is where it’s at. They are always warm and friendly.

Dave G.

Zion Canyon Campground, Utah

Like comfortable shoes! Employee training is a snap, with videos online for virtually every task. We came from a home-grown system where ‘requests for space’ were answered by email. To heck with that! Guests know immediately if sites are available, and confirmation is provided by email within seconds.