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Infinity Power Partners, LLC

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Nick Altman

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2603 Augusta Dr. Ste 450, Houston, TX 77057

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Electricity and natural gas procurement management solutions, risk management service and marketing insight through the development of client-specific strategies.


Boxer Property Management Corp
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“Managing energy procurement risk requires transparency of data and metric-based translation of that data into actionable conclusions. Boxer Property Management Corp. looks to Infinity Power Partners for accurately archived, organized, and delivered data, regarding IPP best in class as a trusted source.”
Studio Movie Grill
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“Infinity Power Partners breaks down the complexities of purchasing electricity and natural gas and presents it in language we understand. They cut through the clutter and get to the root of what we’re looking for—reducing energy costs in our theaters.”
Spectrum Association Management
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“Partnering with Infinity Power Partners for our communities helped us improve the service our clients receive while also saving them money. IPP’s impressive mastery of market conditions, its expertise in tracking, negotiating and managing electricity contracts, and its commitment to helping our communities has provided for an invaluable partnership. We recommend them highly!”

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