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Miami, FL

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Real Estate Brokerage – specializing in brokerage and financing nationwide for the RV  & manufactured housing industry.


The G Family
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Letter of Recommendation:
When a major decision was made to sell our family mobile home park business, we researched to find an organization with experience, integrity, and ongoing success. After an initial conversation, Dana Smith's professionalism, friendly style, and established experience, confirmed our decision to work with Yale Realty & Capital Advisors.

Dana's attention to detail, her established relationships with qualified, potential buyers and her successful track record of marketing similar businesses, made the process flow with a semblance of ease. Dana's insight and experience proved helpful beyond measure as we brought the process to a close.

We easily recommend Yale Realty & Capital Advisors, especially if you have the opportunity for Dana Smith to guide and navigate you from start to finish, through the key steps for a successful sale.

With gratitude and appreciation,

From The G Family

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